Rossetti Caffe has been in the coffee roasting industry since 2005 and it is one of the first coffee roaster brands in the Greek market. It is a family owned company producing specialty coffees, owned by Christos and Nikolaos Trypos. It is based in a modern fully automated factory in Athens with annual coffee roasting and trading capacity of 450.000 kg, capable to expand. Rossetti Caffe offers experience, passion for coffee, serious consumer relations and professionalism. It is specialized in the HO.RE.CA sector, by offering high quality standards, continuous training to our customers, product research, excellent customer support and dedicated marketing services.


  • Highest Quality Coffees

To ensure high quality end products offering fine tasting, exotic and unique aromas, Rossetti Caffe works directly with the farmers to source high quality raw materials. Each delivery is an aspect of sampling to ensure that quality meets its specialty standards. Only an estimated 3-5% of the coffee production globally meets its specific taste and aroma profiles as well as our high quality standards.

  • Serious Consumer Relations

The greatest aspect of Rossetti Brand is the long lasting consumer relationships. Every day we are in contact with all of our customers who are passionate about coffee. Our coffee sales and training team provides advice and guidance to our consumers. We are able to better meet our consumer expectations thanks to the direct relationship we have with them.  Finally, more than half of our new collaborations found out about our Brand through existing loyal customers.

  •  Environmental Respects

Rossetti Caffe recognizes the obligation to respect the environment and the resources for future generations. The Rossetti Caffe sustainability program has two aspects.


Our recently new production facilities and office premises were designed to guarantee maximum energy savings in air-conditioning and lighting. Moreover our new coffee roasting facility is represented by a new fully automated drum roaster heated by hot air by recirculation of hot air and any emissions into the atmosphere remain to the minimum by a catalytic conversion.


Rossetti Caffe when it comes to packing and packaging prefers to use recyclable materials like paper or aluminum. The company is certified according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

  • Improvement & Innovation