Speciality Coffee

“Specialty Coffee” is a term that describes beans of the best flavor, with great specific taste characteristics, growing, roasting and brewing under a responsible and respectful conduct from seed to cup.


  • Green Bean Storage.

Our green bean warehouse has storage capacity of 70.000kg of green coffee, comprising more than 18 different types and varieties of coffee beans.

Raw coffee beans before roasting are cleaned and stored in a silo each single origin separately. These parameters affect the state of green coffee and we need to consider them when roasting the coffees.

  • Roasting Process

Roasting is a very complex work. We roast coffee for just in time delivery. A state of the art hot air drum roaster, roasts our coffee origins on a daily basis. Roasting time, temperatures and recipe parameters are programmable into the system to allow fully automatic roasting operation resulting in a consistent colour, flavour and taste. The Roast Master develops carefully the roasting profile of each origin to achieve a desirable taste.

  • Roasted Coffee Storage.

Once the coffee released from the roaster, the roasted beans will go to an automatic destining and cleaning system. This system separates foreign objects from coffee beans. Then through a fully automated process the roasted coffee are delivered to air tight silos, with nitrogen insight for 24 up to 48 hours before blending and packaging.

  • Packaging

After blending each coffee origin all together an automatic packaging machine is capable of weighting, filling and sealing, using three layer oxygen proof bags with one way valve and nitrogen flush to keep the coffee freshness up to the customer.

  • Cupping

A coffee lab equipment with high end technological instruments for quality control of green and roasted coffee. Every incoming green coffee is roasted on a lab basis roaster where the Master Roaster examines beans by smelling, touching, tasting. Sensory roasting allows batch consistency in the cup. Finally, finished products are also sampled to guard against defective coffee beans before entering to the markets.